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Steven "Gobby" Taylor

Lead Vocals

Steve is our frontman.  Not just because he’s a man and he’s at the front.  He breathes life and soul into the classics and rocks the modern numbers!  He doesn’t know how good he really is…


Lisa "Rock Chick" Pattison

Guitar / Backing Vocals

Don’t be fooled by the angelic appearance, her guitar solo skills are nothing short of lethal!  With an ear for perfection, she might even turn it up to 11 if you’re lucky! 

Dave Wright.PNG

Dave "Grand Master" Wright

Guitar / Backing Vocals

Dave is the newest member of the TZ family.  Hand picked for his stupendous guitar skills and the ability to pick out the perfect pitch for backing vocals!


Mark "Calamity" Turner


Our man with the greatest “Bass Face” in all of Essex, Mark forms part of the solid backbone of the band.  Just don’t let him near any cables, or anything fragile…

Me colour 3.jpg

Steve "Stix" Williams

Drums / Backing Vocals

Steve loves 2 things in life.  Drums and lights, (Think “rock moth”).  So we put lights inside his drums, strapped some drumsticks to him, and watch the magic unfurl!

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